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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

S01E10 Weeds - The Godmother

Conrad gets Nancy's marijuana back from the college police officer and, in defiance of Heylia, the two begin a new business arrangement with Andy, Doug, Dean, Sanjay and Alejandro. Andy gets drafted into military service, Silas gets high on ecstasy with Megan and Nancy discovers the truth about who Peter really is.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

S01E09 - The Punishment Lighter

Nancy is busted by a college police officer and gets $14,000 worth of marijuana confiscated. Celia challenges a fellow PTA mother and Silas becomes closer with Megan's family.

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s01e08 Weeds - The Punishment Light

Andy and Doug trash Nancy's house looking for a rat as she deals with rival dealer Alejandro. Shane bites the foot of a boy he is challenging at a karate competition and finds Nancy a friend in the boy's father, Peter. Celia and Dean go toe to toe when she reveals to him that she slept with Conrad.

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s01e07 Weeds - Higher Education

Nancy hires a college student named Sanjay to tutor Silas and decides to expand her customer base to other college students, but makes an enemy in the process. Celia goes into surgery for her breast cancer and receives an unwanted visit from her mother. Andy pursues the mother of one of Shane's new friends.

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s01e06 Weeds - Dead in the Nethers

Taking a break from the development of her false bakery, Nancy goes out to a club with Celia and Conrad, who, later, have a sexual encounter. Andy is ordered to attend MA, where he begins a dishonest relationship with the circle leader. Nancy's maid, Lupita, hears from a friend that Nancy sells marijuana and begins searching the house for evidence.

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s01e05 Weeds - Lude Awakening

Nancy is forced to re-evaluate her lifestyle after surviving a drive-by shooting when she visits Heylia for marijuana. Celia's breast cancer gives her a new outlook on life, Andy is arrested for the possession of marijuana and Shane gets in trouble at school.

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s01e04 - Fashion of the Christ

When Nancy's troublemaking brother-in-law Andy moves in, he learns of her drug dealing through his old friendship with Conrad, the nephew of Nancy's supplier, Heylia. Andy's attempt at selling satiric religious T-shirts at Shane's elementary school also ignites an angered response from the PTA. Celia, meanwhile, reveals a truth to her husband.

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